Message from the Chairman

We acquired SAF International in the early 90s as a leading trading house with the concrete assistance of our renowned principals like Honeywell, Innospec, AAF Filters, UOP and set off the business with a new vision targeting global markets.

Build around these vision and values we have created SAF turning from a sustainable vendor to EPCC after being the first RLNG-II Compression project contractor, due to the outlay in human resources, production and information technologies.

Due to the indulgent and self-sacrificing endeavors of our people, we set the very bedrock of SAF Group making it a Group of Companies contributing to the prosperity of our country’s industry, and providing services to a portfolio of esteemed customers worldwide.

Aiming to successfully continue engaging in our operations in the forthcoming years, we must not only uphold these great efforts, but also focus on innovation, a significant concept to be a global company, and transform our products, services, and business processes as to contain creative and innovative ideas.