We promote a healthy, innovative and team-oriented organizational culture within SAF. We cherish our association so much so that we celebrate every occasion in full swing with zero tolerance discrimination. We define our self as a responsible, decisive, flexible and resilient corporate that promotes a wall-free environment and communication for its people. Our leaders set an example of a solid commitment to its esteemed customers, clients, and people to have a seamless experience and foster collaboration which is central to the company’s mission.

  • Go green SAFians “Independence Day celebration at SAF Head Office, 2018, karachi.
  • “Hajj Balloting “,2018 at SAF Head Office, Karachi.
  • Eid Milan Party……….
  • HSE Quiz show
  • PECOFacet training…………
  • Seminars ………
  • Award Ceremony
  • Farewell to UEPL Team