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To build relationship that are based on trust, sustained by excellent services performance, and that optimize client return on investment.
It is to provide good and quality services of reliable and proven technology and with a long residual life time. Vision is to be the leading energy and related services business in Pakistan and other emerging market, To us having world class skills means being a world supplier and our existence is based on the general mechanism of a connecting bridge between qualified product and product consumer.

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Process Technologies, Services & Equipments

Being an authorized sales and services agent of UOP, SAF International is qualified and trustworthy bridge between customers and UOP to cater all of the requirements providing experienced solutions on a right time with an excellent product.
UOP has contributed processes and technology that have led to advances in such diverse industries as motor fuels, plastics, detergents, synthetic fibers and food preservatives.
Corporations, organizations, and manufacturers use our technology, products and services to develop and manufacture products used every day all over the world. We currently do business in more than 100 countries.
UOP’s expertise extends from research and development to engineering to process technology to technical services to the manufacture and sale of adsorbents, catalysts, and specialty chemicals. We focus on delivering solutions that improve our customers’ competitiveness. UOP Products range includes Catalyst, Services, Refinery Processing Technology, Petrochemical Processing Technology, Gas Processing, Adsorbents and Equipments.