A part of our business and our relation with multinational services providers we are quite in a position to offer repairs and maintenances services both on rotary and stationary machineries. Such kind of services cover industrial repairs, maintenances, field engineering, calibration and relocation services applicable on industrial rotary and stationary equipments. Equipments are repaired thru major and minor maintenances program management and each & every equipment is delivered with assessed life cycle assessment and certain warranty parameters. Repairs and Refurbishment are done on industrial gas turbines, steam turbines, compressors, pumping equipments, electrical motors, burners, boilers, vessels, valves, white metal bearings, electronic modules and mechanical seals. Specialized coating applications such as tungsten carbide, thermal barrier coating and HVOF are arranged for the rotating internal equipments. Studies and Inspections are incorporated for applicable & installed equipments.

SAF International contains management of relocation projects for industrial plants and machineries. The activity include plant equipments de-erection, erection, dismentalling, crating, shipping and re-installation of equipments. Such kind of tasks include project feasibility management, cost analysis, equipment life cycle assessment and commissioning arrangement. These services are applicable for the relocation of Power Plants Equipments, Oil Refinery Equipments, Oil and Gas Machineries, Cement Industrial Equipments and Fertilizers Equipments relocation and re-installation.


SAF International has a very good affiliation with world’s renowned corporations for the planning and organizing of industrial contractual services agreement such as LTSA (Long Terms Services Agreement), CSA (Contractual Services Agreements), CLSA (Contractual Labor Supply Agreement) and O&M (Operation and Maintenance Agreement). Such kinds of agreements are planned both on OEM and None OEM type process management including balance of plants, production of plants, risk evaluation, security management and logistics. Agreements can also be arranged individually for particular processing equipments as well for all of the productivity machineries. Agreements are fully covered with operational and maintenance management in provision of spare parts supplies, equipments procurement, field engineering and production monitoring services.


We provide onsite installation services for DCS (Distributed Control Systems), Vibration Condition Monitoring Systems, Furnaces Installation, Heat Exchanger Installations, Pumps Mounting and Compressor/Turbines Installation Services.

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