Operation & Maintenance

SAF International has a wide range of procurement services for the supply of critical, none critical, stock items and emergency operation and maintenance replacement parts.
We are in the supply of such kind of O&M – Production parts since 1985 to our customers located in the field of Power Generation, Oil and Gas, Petrochemicals, Oil Refining Sectors, Fertilizers and Process Industries. SAF International scope of supply for this category include industrial fasteners, nut bolts, sealing/gaskets items, industrial sprays, operation chemicals, packing, industrial bearings, valves, mechanical seals, pipe/tube fittings, welding materials, electronic modules, electrical circuit breakers, safety equipments, electrical testing and calibration equipments, workshop tools, reverse osmosis water filtration equipments, cathode protection systems, rupture discs, transmitters, measuring gauges and the slow moving items for industrial purposes.