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It is to provide good and quality services of reliable and proven technology and with a long residual life time. Vision is to be the leading energy and related services business in Pakistan and other emerging market, To us having world class skills means being a world supplier and our existence is based on the general mechanism of a connecting bridge between qualified product and product consumer.

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Vibration Condition Monitoring

Power Generation, Oil and Gas production & distribution, Petrochemical processing, fertilizers productions and gas turbine marine propulsion – These are the typical areas where high value critical rotating machinery is employed for the maximum output of running industry. Safety has always been a major issue and protection systems including vibration parameters are frequently mandatory.
SAF International arranges a total system integration by bringing advanced condition monitoring and protection system into a plant wide control plate form and these integration lead a system to avoid of costly unexpected down time and reduced maintenance and operation cost.
SAF International does provide total condition monitoring systems installation, spare parts after sales, consultancies and field engineering.