At SAF we strive to ensure that every accomplishment is achieved through a set of hard work, research, logical reasoning, vast experience and most importantly via excellent leadership. We pledge to serve our clients at the best we can do and to make our success constant by continual improvement. We adhere that business growth comes parallel with the moral principles and values that keep our alliance with the society, people and the environment unbroken.

Our corporate values based on Sustainable Management System whose main roots are honesty and trust.

Quality and Safety: We promote a safe and healthy workplace for all people and set a high level of uncompromising-quality for our esteemed customers as top-most priority.

Integrity: We uphold moral principles and business ethics to higher standards by fair dealing with our customers.

Transparency: We promote dynamic communication to stimulate transparent and creative culture at SAF for both our people and customers.

Innovation: Adhere to diverse ideas and respect each individual’s contribution to the optimal success of our organization.

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