“Building fine services”

We believe in evolving our business and divisions to walk with the industrialization pace to meet the needs of the Refinery & Power sector in the distant regions like HUB, Balochistan. After realizing the shortage of Fabrication, Repair and Maintenance scope in the area of HUB, we established a well-equipped workshop that acquired 7 Acres of land. No matter how damaged, corroded, wore your equipment is, we undertake to overhaul and make it perform like never before by reducing the productivity loss at the highly significant breakdowns. We have successfully excelled in the tube bundle repair & maintenance of Heat Exchangers and Fin Fan Coolers used in the industrial plants. We drive proven execution experience in the fabrication and maintenance of storage tanks used for Oil, water, and others.


“Adding value to your operations”

SAF fabrication workshop started its operation in 2017 and continues towards improvement in terms of equipment and work scope. SAF’s Hub workshop consists of the covered area of 7Acre of land, due to flexibility, skilled crafts, certified equipment, and heavyweight range that can be handled easily.

The prime work performed are repair & maintenance of industrial equipment as a heat exchanger, fin fan cooler, slop tank and other auxiliaries’ parts of equipment.

For the manufacturing of the slop tank and fin fan coolers, we have developed a reverse technology technique. We can also design and tailor these items as per customer’s requirements. We have all the necessary tools and equipment used for the aforementioned items like tube expanders, impact wrench, welding plants, grinder, cutter, sheet rolling machine, sandblasting setup, compressor, generator, and others.

Activities that are carried out at the workshop are fabrication, welding, assembly, cleaning, insulation/ cladding, cutting, hydro-testing, lifting, sandblasting and painting.

This facility assists the company in performing multiple tasks and provide high-quality standards and tolerance for smooth operations. SAF HWC has delivered 07 heat exchangers, 07 Fin fan coolers to BYCO Petroleum Ltd., and a slop tank to HASCOL Terminal since its operation, meeting demanding tolerance standards and high-quality levels.

Comprehensive facilities:

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