“Make Safety Equal Not First”

We believe that behind every perfect wrap of the project there is a blend of the skilled craft who is dedicated, hard worker, competent, experienced and flexible. During the project execution phase, there are many tough endeavors which have to be tackled with the instrumental assistance of team leads and workers. At SAF we strive in the continuous development of our valuable assets-
Our People, by promoting the training culture within its organization.

We provide a wide array of support in career counseling and focus on executing scholastic programs for the development of our employees and organization.

Our QHSE & HR department defines and operates a fair system of courses focusing on upgrading individual capabilities, tailored to the client’s requirements as well.

As an intrinsic part of the retention of the great talent pool, we ensure a conducive in-house platform to our employees to enhance their talent, skills, and endowments.

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