“Performance Enhancing Retrofit Solutions for Air Intake System”

SAF specializes in retrofitting aging gas turbines, rotating machinery, and internal combustion engines to enhance performance. We can repair and return deteriorated structures to the original specifications engineers and technical staff ensure that every project is delivered on time, on budget, and with a minimum of system downtime

Effective management of gas turbine inlet air quality and the temperature is often the most economical option to increase power, reduce heat rate and extend component life.

Clean Air Solutions

SAF has transformed a two-decades-long journey to the destination with pride in Air Filtration. We earned a splendid reputation for Air filtration all over the country for HVAC, Cleanroom, Air Pollution Control, Gas Turbines (Power Generation and Compression Station) and Gas Generator. By keeping insight into market trends SAF strives to enhance its capability and competency to design and install a complete air filtration system and solutions to combat varying environmental conditions for which we are indeed thankful to AAF International for providing us training, technical support, and product lines. SAF has delivered Air Filtration Solution both commercial and industrial projects for corporate and private sectors with unmatched dedication and quality of work. SAF is committed to competing for more complex and challenging jobs in the future.

Filter department is engaged in providing unmatched and uncompromising services to its valuable clients mainly TNB Liberty Power, OGDCL, SSGC, SNGPL, K-Electric, Engro, GENCO-II, and other IPPs and CPPs with expertise, and support from AAF International

SAF has completed retrofitting of the following projects:

SAF International Air Intake Retrofit Capabilities

“Make your equipment your power”

SAF engineering team inspect and do a rigorous study of Gas Turbines to accumulate details of existing challenges, problems, parameters to evaluate and calculate required airflow possible outcomes, benefits by proposing retrofitting for optimum performance.

SAF’s Air Intake retrofit brings the following benefits:

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