Our CSR system is based on 3 pillars.


SAF's mission is to integrate a more dynamic working environment and guaranteeing the well-being and safety of its employees. We encourage innovation, creativity, diversity & inclusions and put well to use the skills and potential of our people to refine the quality of our services and products. At the same time, we offer personal and professional development to them through a relationship of mutual benefit.

Our core values:


“We are safer together, that’s the SAF way”

We believe that business growth must be parallel with the protection of the natural environment. Therefore, we carry out our operations in a way to minimize the potential impact on the environment. Incorporating the principles of sustainable progress, we have in place and implementation of the Environmental Management System following the ISO 14001, certified since 2017. We adhere to and compliance with all the legal provisions and requirements that cite to environmental issues and concern its operations is a core commitment of SAF. Measures are taken to use energy and resources sparingly, to minimize pollution, to limit the use of hazardous substances, and to waste generation and to investigate alternatives.


“Strengthening Transparency”

We are committed to retain sustainability and follow the code of conduct. We believe that business growth and reputation are governed by moral values, ethics, and principles that keep our alliance with society, people and the environment unbroken. Reinforcing transparency through dialogue and active engagement of our key partner groups represent commitments that are fully oriented with our corporate values.

Our values:

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